Industry Definitions

MSP - Managed Service Provider:

an organization or company that “does it all” for the hospital. It takes responsibility to ensure candidate flow for job openings, submittal reviews, compliance tracking, invoicing and more.

VMS – Vendor Management System:

the system to help administer talent acquisition processes.

Workforce Solution:

the system, processes or service relating to how talent is acquired and/or managed for an organization. VMS/MSPs are a type of workforce solution.

Frequently Asked Question

How a VMS/MSP Workforce Solution can help?

These programs become part of your HR and Materials Management team through the entire process of candidate review, interviewing, compliance tracking, and invoice payment. The programs will provide better visibility and control over the entire process. Strategically, you’ll have more information for workforce planning and budgeting.

Is a VMS/MSP right for my facility?

Here are some considerations to discuss with your staff. If the answer to any of these questions is no, a VMS/MSP Workforce Solution may be right for you

  • Are there times, even if infrequently, that the hospital permanent staff is augmented with temporary labor usage?
  • Is there any room for improvement regarding how current staffing firms are vetted, managed, paid and their agreements maintained?
  • Would we be open to reviewing a free and intuitive software platform that would help recruit, hire and maintain temporary labor usage?

Should we be open to new methods that would help reduce cost, workload and mitigate risk as it relates to temporary labor usage?