Modernizing the VMS/MSP Marketplace for Healthcare

Feb 24, 2021Uncategorized

For more than a decade there’s been little change to VMS/MSP services within the healthcare staffing industry, causing providers, staffing firms and temporary workers to grow increasingly frustrated.

Healthcare providers are not getting the results they need, circling through multiple VMS/MSPs to find a solution that will actually uphold promised commitments. Many VMS/MSP services overcommit their candidate resources to an oversaturated network of customers and focus on filling jobs themselves instead of sharing jobs quickly with suppliers, which would increase the time-to-fill for providers.

Staffing firms have grown tired of increased VMS fees, unrealistic insurance requirements and unfair contract agreements, placing the best candidates with non-VMS customers or choosing services with lower fees. Ultimately, this creates a negative impact for healthcare providers.

Temporary workers share the burden of poor VMS/MSP services as well. Initially, staffing firms absorbed increased VMS fees, insurance costs and penalty fines. But for the last several years, this burden has been shared with healthcare travelers because suppliers are only offering to pay lower flat rates.

A New Era of VMS/MSP Solutions

Most VMS/MSPs can reduce workloads, send job openings, review new hire compliance data and provide reliable technology—but the market needs more.

New VMS/MSP solutions must add value to all stake holders to truly provide a full-service talent solution, which includes servicing healthcare providers, staffing firms and temporary workers.

Suppliers must be motivated to deliver the best candidates. This is achieved by building trust, showing appreciation and creating fairness. Penalty fees should be a thing of the past, and VMS fees should be 4 percent or less. Good suppliers will demand that the same rules apply to everyone.

Once top-industry suppliers are motivated to deliver and a strong talent community is built, healthcare providers should be given the guaranteed commitment of quality talent delivered quickly and backed-up financially. The healthcare providers should remain in control with the ability to set contract lengths, approve vendor lists, quickly exit the program if unsatisfied and more.

Most importantly, the technology provided by new healthcare VMS solutions must be intuitive, powerful and have easily accessible training for all users. It must show candidates throughout the entire hiring process and track compliance through the end of each assignment. Reporting must be useful, extensive and accurate.

Meet StaffingEngine

We’re not a staffing company, but we fill jobs every day across the county. Our industry-changing VMS works to alleviate healthcare facilities’ staffing needs while cutting down costs and improving quality. Our vendor-neutral program is 100 percent transparent and standardized.

Our full-service, customizable programs and flexible contracts keep the healthcare facilites in control, while streamlining the entire staffing process including candidate review, interviewing, compliance and invoice payment. The programs will provide better visibility and control over the entire process. Strategically, faciltlies will have more information for workforce planning and budgeting. Let us do the work, so you can get back to doing what you do best.